Thermoelectric Air Conditioner Applications


One of our first customers to buy the AHP-6250 Model Solid-State Air Conditioner gives a wonderful example of the benefit of TECA’s newly introduced line of high-capacity thermoelectric air conditioners. Designed to cool larger enclosures than was previously practical with thermoelectric technology, the AHP-6250 is one of the largest models in this group. For example, the enclosure pictured here is about 8 x 6 x 3 feet. The customer is able to achieve large enclosure cooling with a single thermoelectric air conditioner. Thermoelectric cooling is reliable and maintenance free.

world's largest thermoelectric air conditioner

TECA’s new high-capacity line has some thoughtful design features, as seen pictured here on the installed AHP-6250. The cold side (internal to enclosure) has a low profile, which translates into less intrusion into the enclosure, giving the user more room for whatever the enclosure is meant to hold. The robust mounting flange, gasket and hardware and centrally located power input contribute to user-friendly installation. Finally, high air-flow fans and high fin-density heat sinks on the cold side maximize performance and minimize condensation. An integral condensate removal system absorbs condensation and transports it to the hot side, where it gets evaporated into the ambient.



Pictures below show a 4 year-old outdoor kiosk that is located in a zoo in the Sonoran Desert. The kiosk holds a computer and LCD screen, both generating heat, both mounted within an inch of each other. This active heat load coupled with the high ambient temperatures create a significant need for cooling. TECA's model AHP-1800XE Thermoelectric Air Conditioner has proven to be a reliable solution. Our customer raves “I had zero problems in past years, not even one tech. call. During the summer time here, when outside temperatures reach 95-110F, and surface of the kiosk gets as high as 125F, the LCD, computer and other components were running cooler than the components in our indoor kiosks.”

kiosk cooler kiosk air conditioner
peltier kiosk cooler kiosk cooling


pletier cooling To keep sensitive electronics used in truck processing terminals in safe and operable temperature range a system integrator company uses TECA AHP-1800XEHC peltier based cooling and heating system.  This system minimizes truck processing time, and maximizes user productivity.



A customer required a constant temperature to keep his detectors working in a coal analysis application. Due to experiencing failures with a competitor's air conditioner, the customer reached out to TECA.

peltier cooler The solution was TECA's FHP-1501XEHC Model, a versatile thermoelectric air conditioner offering heating and cooling as well as dual voltage: 120 or 240 VAC input. Built with an industrial grade sealed fan and components, the FHP-1501XEHC is suitable for NEMA-4 enclosures.


peltier cooling TE cooling
thermoelectric cooling thermoelectric air conditioner

Specializing primarily in the food and beverage processing industries, one of our longtime customers uses TECA air conditioners in several applications. These include cooling or heating LCD screens, desktop computers, thin clients, and KVM kiosks. The locations of these applications are indoors, outdoors, in cold rooms and baking areas. TECA's comprehensive line of air conditioners fit the bills. We offer each model in different configurations according to the customer's need regarding input voltage, mounting and application environment.




Our customer manufactures various machinery and appliances for the beverage industry. One such system of theirs requires high performance and precision, achieved by using specially designed software and test & measurement equipment. TECA's thermoelectric air conditioner, the AHP-1200XE with built in temperature controller, is an important part of this system. The customer uses TECA's AHP-1200XE to reliably cool an enclosure housing a computer and touchscreen. The customer has depended on dozens of AHP-1200XE air conditioners over the years for use in their system.



Incubators used in the rearing of insects for research often experience thermal failures due to the acids inherent in the biology of the insects. The acidic environment that insects create can quickly corrode a standard, compressor-based cooling system- even if its copper coils are coated. High humidity adds to the problem because droplets of concentrated acid will collect on the cooling components. The solid-state nature of TECA’s thermoelectric air conditioners solves this problem offering reliability and virtually maintenance-free operation.

incubator cooling incubator air conditioner
insect incubator cooler incubator A/C  

A published life science researcher from a local university contacted us because he experienced several failures from his compressor-based air conditioner units. He is raising flies in an incubator, and requires an accurate set point. The TECA Model AHP-1200 Thermoelectric Air Conditioner is the perfect solution. The air conditioner keeps the incubator to 18C as the customer requested. Using a remote, programmable temperature controller (TECA Model TC-3400) the customer is getting the accuracy he needs and the convenience he wanted from a remote controller.



A European manufacturer of special equipment for processing fruits and vegetables needed to cool sensitive electronics on their line of produce-processing machines, which sort products by color, size and weight.
TECA Model AHP1200XE solid state air conditioners were selected.
The equipment in use is washed down frequently, so the Model AHP1200XE is ideal because it is designed to meet NEMA4 and suitable for wash-down environments, while it also carries the CE Mark.



PLC cooler PLC cooling

A customer needed to cool a PLC enclosure housing critical electronics controls. They needed to keep the temperature of the enclosure in a safe range for the critical components. TECA's AHP-1200 series off the shelf air conditioner provided the cool capacity and ease of installation they needed.



The environment of a paper mill is hostile to most equipment. Could a thermoelectric cooler stand up to such conditions?
TECA Model AHP-1200X Solid State Air Conditioner is a perfect solution.thermoelectric cooling

This TECA model AHP-1200X was returned to TECA for evaluation, after over 120,000 hours of duty. It just did not seem to cool as much any more. As a matter of fact, it was originally put to work in 1992 cooling an electronic enclosure in a paper mill.

The customer was sure it needed to be replaced, but sent it back to us to see if anything could be salvaged. In our inspection we found that the hot side heat sink was fouled with 14 years of newsprint sludge. Once the goop was cleaned out and the fan was free to spin; the unit ran like a charm!





peltier air conditioner TE cold plate thermoelectric cooling

The maker of some of our favorite corn chips used TECA’s AHP-1200X for years in severe hose down environments.  They now had a similar requirement where they wanted to minimize any cleaning and were willing to entertain a liquid cooled LHP-1200XE solid state air conditioner.   The unit fit into the same area and footprint as its air cooled cousin and provided greater cooling capacity.  This customer added a valve on the water inlet to provide water flow only when cooling was required.  The units have been in service for years.



laser cooling

A physics laboratory at a large university required cooling for their laser. The enclosure did not have any room for an air conditioner to intrude. The flush mounted (mounts external to enclosure) TECA Model FHP-750 was the right solution.

TECA Air Conditioners are available as Flush Mount (external to enclosure), Through Mount (half in, half out) and Internal Mount (mounts internal to enclosure) to serve applications wherever space restraints may exist.



The alarm enclosure was for fire safety and switches. The transparent plastic enclosure was supposed to be accessible and secure while being cooled to desired temperatures under some of the harshest conditions, firefighting, where extremes of heat and harsh hose down conditions exist. The enclosure was selected already, load known, temperatures OK.  Everything was fine except the closest stock unit didn’t quite fit and it needed a few extra bells and whistles to provide the redundancy needed.  Taking the standard FHP-750XE air conditioner design, adding an extra circuit and modified sheet metal was all it took.

cabinet cooler cabinet coolers


A world's leading international supplier of equipment, controls and parts to glass container industry uses the peltier air conditioner model FHP-750XE in a statistical sampling and lab measurement product.  A MiniLab Automatic Sampling installation works in conjunction with the production’s online inspection equipment and a Factory Process Control System.  The MiniLab Controller communicates to the Process Control System which then sends a container “request” to upstream online inspection systems equipped with mold number readers.  The “requested” containers are transferred to the MiniLab sampling conveyor using container ware selectors. 

peltier cooling system

With broad-based expertise in glass container forming, glass conditioning, gob forming, ware handling, cold end inspection, refractory parts and quality assurance, the company's machines and systems are established as standard products worldwide. The FHP-750 has been working fine for them for years.  Reasons for its selection are its reliability and ability to operate in high ambient temperatures.



A company specializing in fleet management and motor pool software required multiple outdoor, self service kiosks to be placed in various environments throughout the USA. TECA's AHP-300XEHC thermoelectric air conditioner is an ideal solution, providing needed cooling to sensitive parts within the sun-exposed kiosk. The AHP-300XEHC air conditioner cools the kiosk without taking up much space and it is suitable for various environments including NEMA-4 enclosures. Heat/Cool is optional, as are external covers for aesthetic purposes. Whether space is restricted inside or outside your kiosk, TECA offers three mounting styles for kiosk cooling: Through, Internal and External.



A manufacturer of specialty materials required cooling and heating of small enclosures. The system pictured here is used for the mixing of helium and hydrogen with dew point control. TECA Model AHP-301FFHC is used with a TECA PID temperature controller to regulate the temperature of the enclosure in order to establish the moisture content of the “wet gas”, which is blended with dry gas to fix the dew point by way of the Buck Equation. The customer is pleased with the results and continues to build more systems using TECA air conditioners and temperature controllers.



kiosk coolingkiosk cooler

An original equipment manufacturer designed a new outdoor information kiosk and required a small cooling solution, before they could start up manufacturing.
We consulted with the customer's engineers and recommended TECA Model AHP-300XE, to provide the necessary cooling in a compact size. The AHP-300XE is an ideal choice for the application because it is a NEMA4 solid state air conditioner, designed for outdoor use.



The system pictured below is used to automatically collect and analyze water samples for water quality monitoring purposes. The system can be powered from the grid or from the attached PV system. The TECA AHP-300 air conditioner is located within the enclosure and is used to keep critical internal components cool during the summer months.

panel cooler



peltier cooler peltier cooling

TECA thermoelectric air conditioner model AHP-150FF, the smallest air conditioner TECA offers, cools an alarm system CPU in a small enclosure. The enclosure is located in the engine room of a ship-docking towing vessel. The ambient temperature can reach +130°F.

This is a good example of the versatility and range of TECA products. From a small 90 BTU/hr air conditioner like the AHP-150FF to large 5200 BTU/hr air conditioners like the AHP-6252, TECA air conditioners are suitable for a wide range of applications and environments.



Video cameras needed to function in an environment beyond their rated temperature range. One of our customers wanted to position cameras to observe a process from a location not safe for operators to go. The customer is a rubber manufacturer and the camera location was too hot for the cameras to work in. The customer had the cameras, but had no suitable enclosure, or cooling apparatus.

camera housing cooler camera cooling system

TECA adapted a tiny air conditioner based on Model AHP150XE to mount to a standard commercial enclosure. The package was completed by retrofitting the cameras with insulation and special cooling units. The design satisfied our customer’s needs to a “T”.




A common use for thermoelectric air conditioners is the cooling of electronics cabinets. These photos show an outdoor communications cabinet being cooled with a system of TECA air conditioners that have been customized for the end user. The units photographed here are over 12 years old, a testament to the reliability of TECA’s thermoelectric air conditioners. Also worth mentioning is the lack of maintenance that thermoelectric air conditioners require. With no moving parts except for the fans, no filters to change and no chemical coolants, TECA air conditioners are an ideal and environmentally friendly solution for remote areas.



peltier air conditioner

A leading manufacturer of video cameras and mobile electronics communications for law enforcement needed a dependable thermoelectric cooler.The company had been “thrown for a loop” when their previous thermoelectric vendor admitted that they couldn't meet the delivery promised on a standard cooling assembly.
One week and several phone calls later, 16 customized assemblies based on TECA's model AHP-150FF were delivered in time for testing and installation.



peltier air conditionerKeeping sensitive electronic instruments and equipments at optimum operating temperature range often is one of the most important issues in designing an enclosure system housing the instruments.  A manufacturer of first response vehicles was able to maintain it’s sensitive electronics in safe operating temperature range using a custom peltier cooling system designed by TECA Corporation.



A major manufacturer of communications equipment was to go into production of special equipment enclosures, then encountered unforeseen problems with overheating electronics deep inside. The customer wanted air conditioning, but specified that no part of the air conditioner could protrude outside of their enclosure. custom peltier cooling



TECA designed a little air conditioner inside ducts for hot air exhaust. This way the air conditioner is actually housed entirely inside the enclosure and our customer continues production.

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