Customer Testimonials

"Our company recently ordered 2 RLC-1800 chillers...I’m very positive about the chiller! The chiller is plug and play and very easy to use!
Also the performance is very good. So, in short words, a very good chiller."

K.V., Thales Group

"Thanks to you and TECA for the efforts and support you have provided for this project...we will be standardizing on your Air Conditioner units going forward."

G.B., Cygnus Satellite

"Thanks so much...It is always a pleasant surprise to find a company that is excited to work with their customers – especially after the sale has been made."

A.Y., Northrop Grumman Corporation

"About 20 years ago, [TECA was] recommended to us. Over the years, I have purchased 3 units...Two were removed after ~9 years of flawless service and [one unit] is still working (outdoors!) after ~15 years of service."

M.H. Califonia Institute of Technology

"It beats the heck out of the system that is currently being used...This thing is working beautifully. Everyone is most impressed. Thanks!!!"

R.Z., Penumbra

"Before we used TECA products, we had half a dozen failed units over in China that my boss had to fix. I'm talking chillers that have only been in service for less than 4 months. In all, there have been at least ten of them go bad over the years. Some of the current orders we have with you are replacement units for the failed ones. We love your products. You are putting the competition to shame. Keep up the good work.”

B.E., Norcimbus OEM

"We were extremely appreciative of the opportunity to try the TECA Cascaded Cold Plate system. We will certainly mention your product to any colleagues who do more frequent dissection work. It was incredibly kind of you to offer the loaner and to take the trouble to make sure that it worked properly for our application."

"We used the system to facilitate dissection. It was important for us to maintain the integrity of the specimen during dissection. Working in a lab at normal room temperature, we found that a constant temperature of -18C was ideal for this work. It would have been impossible to maintain such a precise temperature outside of a cryostat without the TECA cold plate. It was immensely easier to perform the dissection on the TECA cold plate, and of course also much easier to wipe down the cold plate than to clean a cryostat. We would recommend the TECA cold plate system to any scientist who needs to dissect frozen tissue in any precise manner. Anyone who was doing this regularly would find it an excellent investment because of the time and trouble it saves."

D.L., Stanford University

“I wanted to extend the Navy's sincere appreciation for your excellent service and response time. TECA provided a timely and economical quotation for fixing a component that is critical for development of materials of interest to the Navy. TECA has saved the Navy thousands of dollars that would have been incurred due to delays in production. The excellent customer care received by your organization is rare and we wanted you to know how much we appreciate your efforts. We hope you pass this to your management and everyone involved so that they all know that good customer service is very much appreciated and desired.”

J.S., U.S. Navy

“Your company is doing very well in our Vendor Quality & Delivery evaluation system (100 % quality and 99% delivery) and I really appreciate it. Thanks again for your assistance.”

M.B., L-3 Communications

"We enjoyed our visit to TECA; thanks. The TECA team was very nice and helpful. We really appreciate your assistance!!"

H.H. and K.Y., University of Chicago

"Wow! You guys are responsive. I wish all our suppliers were like you."

J.H., Eastman Kodak

""Your crew did a great job getting the order shipped as quickly as they did. I am grateful. "


"Overall I am very pleased and would happily recommend it and buy more if I need them."

C.B., Seymore Associates

“You take your company and its products seriously ... not too many people would go to this step ... you have my admiration”


“Wow, you guys are really on top of things!”


“What a nice service, you know… not all the suppliers talk to their customers like this…”

A.L., Motores Eléctricos Sumergibles de México, S. de RL de C.V.

“I am impressed with your fast response”

B.D., Pro-Tech Solutions

“I must compliment you on the quality of your customer support. You have been very helpful and welcoming. There are many reasons to purchase products, but it is always a positive to be able to work with competent and nice people. Thanks again.

D.G., Summa Instruments, Inc.

“The customer is extremely pleased with the results of our cooling solution…but, it could not have been accomplished without TECA. So, again…thank you for your assistance…and our hats off to TECA for a job well done!”


“You are the most efficient vendor that I have. You do good work”

R.W., Tara Products

“I do want to commend TECA on their customer service, as you are one of the nicest vendors I deal with”

D.L., Lear Computing

“I would like to thank you once again on behalf of our company & on behalf of our customer for your great support!

E.B., Modcon Systems Ltd., Israel

“I just received the (2) AHP-1200X units…WOW!...Very impressed with the units, the quick manufacture and delivery…AAA+++. We will definitely look to TECA again for future cooling solutions. Thank you and your team again for the assistance and prompt responses to get us this product in such a short time frame”


“Thanks for your terrific service!”

K.T., MCS Vision

“Thank you very much for your follow-up – it is a great sign you care about your customers!”

P.M., Global Water

"We've already done some test runs with the TLC-900 and it works wonderfully. We are very pleased with its performance and features. Thank you for a well made product."

D.D., Applied Signal Technology, Inc.

“I really appreciate your fast response and follow-up”

E.H., Corning

“I would like thank you for your diligence”

S.A., Automation Controls, Inc

“Thanks for your very good customer service”

M.P., ABB Inc., Canada

“Again thanks for the good service”

Y.H., Qualion Ltd., Israel

“Thank you for your great customer support”

C.S., Aero International, Inc.

“Thanks, to everyone who got this to me so quick. Y'all are the best.”

K.P., L-3 Communications

“I am always impressed with the quality of TECA products. The sheet metal, the workmanship, everything always arrives perfectly.”

J.M., S-C Systems


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