TECA pioneered thermoelectric technology and was the first to market solid state air conditioners for electronic enclosures. Applications we serve include harsh environments such as NEMA 4X and CID1 explosion proof for military and industry. Our products have even been used in demanding applications such as the NASA Space Shuttle (6 missions) and nuclear power plants. We don't just make air conditioners. We do it all! Including air-cooled, liquid-cooled, AC and DC input re-circulating liquid chillers, cold plates for laboratory and industry, plus all the ancillaries and accessories like temperature controls and power supplies for DC.

Here is an abbreviated history of our development from 1960 to the present:

1960 Borg-Warner Thermoelectrics R&D team develops the first thermoelectric refrigerator. click to view image
1961 Time Magazine Advertisement. click to view image
1960-1970 Borg-Warner Thermoelectrics introduced the first of several Peltier products, including an ice maker, air and liquid cooled peltier cold plates for direct contact cooling and enclosure air conditioners.

1970 Borg-Warner Thermoelectrics brings to market the world's first commercially available thermoelectric air conditioner. This early panel cooler is the basis for TECA's AHP-1200-Series air conditioners, which remains our most popular legacy product for electronics cooling. click to view products
1978 The AHP-150CP Peltier Cold Plate for direct contact cooling is introduced. Customized versions of this cold plate are still used today by several TECA customers in laboratory and industrial settings. click to view products
1979 The world's first standard 120 VAC thermoelectric enclosure air conditioner is brought to market by Borg-Warner, and is awarded the IR100 award. The AHP-1700 Model has since been replaced by a full line of enclosure coolers, up to a half ton cooling capacity. click to view products

1980 Heat & Cool products are introduced. Heat function is added to most products, allowing thermoelectric air conditioners to heat enclosures as well as cool. This aids in thermal protection of sensitive equipment in electrical panels.
1984 Borg Warner Thermoelectrics becomes ThermoElectric Cooling America Corporation. TECA Corp. is established as a free standing C-Corp. About TECA
1985 TC-4500 PID Temperature Controller is introduced. A first in thermoelectric cooling technology, cabinets can now be temperature controlled to tighter specifications. click for current PID controllers
1985 The LHP-800CP Peltier Cold Plate Model is used in six successful launches on the NASA Space Shuttle. click to view image
1985 TECA brings to market the first air-cooled recirculating thermoelectric Liquid Chiller. click to view benchtop chillers; click to view rack mounted chillers
1986 TECA leads thermoelectric technology into new areas, bringing to market the world's first Peltier air conditioner to maintain a NEMA-4X cabinet rating. TECA Model AHP 1200X Air Conditioner continues to serve in harsh environments today, cooling enclosures and protecting electronics and other heat sensitive equipment. click to view products

1992 TECA introduces the AHP-1800X. Building on the success of the earlier AHP-1200X, it is an even larger thermoelectric air conditioner suitable for electronics protection and cooling NEMA-4X enclosures. This allows for reliable thermoelectric thermal management in larger cabinets than ever before. click to view products
1993-1995 TECA designs and brings to market several new Peltier style liquid chillers, temperature controllers and panel coolers. Expanding TECA's product line gives more flexibility to the end user and brings thermoelectric cooling technology to new customers.
1995 TECA offers flush-mounted enclosure coolers. The FHP-Series thermoelectric air conditioners do not intrude into enclosures. These panel coolers allow for more space inside the enclosure for the end user's components. click to view products
1995 TECA designs and builds hundreds of food service refrigerators for US Military airplanes. The refrigerators remain in service in the field today (20 years of service!) click to view image
1995 TECA introduces the first standard thermoelectric air conditioner to be evaluated by a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory to UL/CSA Standards. click for ETL info; click for TUV info
1996 Class I Division 2 Thermoelectric Air Conditioner Model AHP-1200XP is designed and built by TECA Corporation. It is tested to UL-1604 and remains a popular legacy product today. click to view products
1995-1999 TECA continues to release new thermoelectric products including new sizes and a low cost series of Peltier coolers for NEMA-4 enclosure cooling.

2000-2005 Four new thermoelectric recirculating liquid chiller product lines are developed and introduced. A new line of laboratory cold/hot plates are created, with versatile features for use in laboratory research and product development. click for cold plates; click for liquid chillers
2005 TECA Model AHP-301CPV thermoelectric Cold/Hot Plate is used in a published research study. TECA Cold/Hot Plates and Liquid Chillers continue to be routinely cited in peer reviewed journals. click for article citations
2005 RLC-1400 Rack Mount Liquid Chiller is introduced for cooling and heating 19" rack panels. click to view product
2006-2009 TECA introduces an extensive product line of versatile Peltier cooling and heating products specifically designed for laboratory and research. New features such as universal input voltage, remote temperature sensing, data logging software, fan speed control and new accessories help end users adapt TECA's cold/hot plates and liquid chillers to their individual needs. click for details
2007 TECA designs, markets and sells the first thermoelectric stirring cold plate. The AHP-800MSP
Magnetic Stirring Cold Plate Model cools, heats and stirs a liquid load. The AHP-800MSP remains a
popular solution for pharmaceutical, petrochemical and chemistry applications.
click to view data sheet; click to view video 1; click to view video 2
2008 TECA Model AHP-1200DCP Dual Cold Plate, the world's largest Peltier cold plate / hot plate with dual, independently controlled, temperature zones is introduced. It is used and cited in published, peer reviewed thermal preference studies and pain studies (thermal nociception research). click to view data sheet

2010 Thermoelectric Cascaded Cold Plates are introduced, allowing for direct contact cooling to as low as 90C below ambient temperature. click to view air cooled cascade; click to view liquid cooled cascade
2011 Eco-Mode is introduced as an energy efficient feature unique to TECA's thermoelectric enclosure coolers. In Eco-Mode the air conditioner passively cools the enclosure, saving energy and reducing operating costs of the thermoelectric unit. click for details
2011 Energy efficient thermoelectric air conditioners are introduced. click for details
2011 Several agency approvals are obtained for TECA's thermoelectric coolers, to UL and CSA standards. ETL and TUV links again, here. click for ETL info; click for TUV info
2012-2014 TECA designs and releases dozens of new and innovative high performance, high efficiency thermoelectric air conditioners for enclosure cooling. Many of these new products surpass other commercially available thermoelectric coolers in both cooling performance and energy efficiency. click for details
2014 Leading thermoelectric technology into the future, TECA introduces the AHP-6263 thermoelectric air conditioner. With a half ton of cooling capacity, it is the largest thermoelectric enclosure cooler available anywhere. Thermoelectric cooling is now practical for use in new applications, cooling larger cabinets and enclosures than ever before. click for details

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