Accessories For AHP-1200CPV

  • ACP-1200
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ACP-1200 ACP-1200 Accessory Plate
Material: Clear anodized aluminum
Size: 13.3" X 5.77" Surface
Includes: Side clamps and thermally conductive pad
Style: Enclosed frame with integral fan
Clear anodized aluminum Feature Plates are clamped to CPV cold plates from the side. They come with the side clamps and are blank. Modify them to your needs, adding taps, grooves and other features.
Swap different plates for different jobs. Use them as fixture plates.

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ACP-1200 installation

  • TGB-5030
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thermal gradient bar TGB-5030 Thermal Gradient Bar
Gradient Area:
500 X 300 mm
Material: ALuminum, clear anodized
Embeded Sensor: 3 Wire RTD, 100 ohm

TECAs TGB-5030 Gradient Bar option expands the use of the AHP-1200CPV line of Cold Plates. With TECA model AHP-1200CPV cold plate at each end the gradient bar has programmable gradient areas with near linear gradients between the two ends and near uniform temperatures along the width of the bar. The temperature at each end of the gradient area can be programmed to a single set point or with a ramp/step and soak profile creating constant, expanding, contracting or moving gradients. Set the gradient profile to be large for initial observations then adjust the end set points to zoom in on a temperature range of interest. The temperature at the end of the gradient area is measured from underneath the plate at approximately .05 from the surface leaving the top gradient area clean and smooth. Optional external surface sensors can be used to change the size of the gradient area.

Accessories available for AHP-1200CPV series thermoelectric cold plates:

peltier cool
  • GP-1200
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GP-1200 GP-1200 Pyrex Plate
Material: Clear Borosilicate
Size: 13.30" X 5.77" X 0.125"
Borosilicate substrate used to protect cold plate surface fromsharp instrumnets. These plates can be frozen in place or secured using GPC-1200 clamps.

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GP-1200 Pyrex palte


  • C-1200
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C-1200 C-1200 Clear Cover
CN-1200 Clear Cover for use with ACP-1200
Material: Clear Acrylic
Size: 15" X 8" X 5"

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C-1200 cover
Shown above AHP-301CPV with C-301 clear cover

  • CH-1200
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CH-1200 CH-1200 Clear Cover With Hinge
CHN-1200 Clear Cover With Hinge for use with ACP-1200
Material: Clear Acrylic
Size: 16" X 9.3" X 5"

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CH-1200 Hinged cover

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CH-1200 installation

  • BH-1200
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BH-1200 BH-1200 Barrier
Material: Clear Acrylic
Size: 14.2" X 6.7" X H (height)
Part Number: BH-1200 (H = height in inches 3", 6", 9" standard)
example B6-1200, B9-1200

BH-1200 dimensions

  • AD-1200
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AD-1200 AD-1200 Air Deflector
Material: Stainless Steel, Painted
Size: 4" X 2"

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AD-1200 installation

  • CWB-01
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CWB-01 CWB-01 Cold Well
Material: Clear Anodized Aluminum
Includes: PVC insulation, cover and clamps
Size: 15.85" X 8.96" X 7.71"
Accomodates 4 X 1000 mL Boston Round bottles
for other configurations consult TECA

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CWB-01 cold well CWB-01 cold well


  • Thermal Transfer Pad
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CCP-31 Thermal Transfer Pad

Color: Gold/Pink
Thickness inch [mm]: 0.125 [3.17]
Density (g/cc): 1.6
Heat Capacity (J/g-K): 1.0
Hardness (Bulk Rubber) (Shore 00): 40
Young's Modulus psi (kPa): 100 (689)
Continuous Use Temp. °C: -60 to 200

Dielectric break down (vac): 6000
Dielectric constant (1000 Hz): 5.5
Flame Rating: V-O UL94
Thermal Conductivity (W/m-K): 0.8



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